Awesome Months

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So I’m finally back in Hull on 20 January, gearing up for semester 2 on the 28th after weeks of travel within England.

And what a December it has been.

Taking the train and cab to random places; getting lost in cities and snapping photos away; reuniting with my sisters and friends; battling over Boxing Day sales at Bullring and spreading Christmas…

I had exams on 7 and 10 January so I didn’t join the following London and Edinburgh trips. I hate to admit but I was in an “emo” state days before exams ‘cause my friends were on cloud nine travelling like there’s no tomorrow while I was alone having hardcore revision in my room.

I, however was rejoiced to have a day trip to Leeds with my Hull buddies a week after exams ended. Also, I got a chance to revisit York with some hometown friends and stayed a night over.

The whole whirlpool of events has just left me dazzled. Still, there was always something to do, something to look forward to. But I never had the time to look back. Perhaps this is why it hasn’t dawned on me, indeed, that 2012 has come and gone so swiftly.


2 thoughts on “Awesome Months

  1. DJ says:

    too officially written to be called a blog. but instead of sweeping through i reread your last paragraph and i suppose you ought to share some stories unrevealed 😉

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