Pray for Sabah

The Lahad Datu standoff is still ongoing. It has developed to Semporna, Kunak and even rumour has it gunshots were heard in my beloved hometown, Tawau.

Balls are rolling in Sabah now. This Sulu thereat may always remain in Sabah whether today or tomorrow. Who to blame? You know the answer to that if you are well aware of the history of Malaysian politics. This is serious. The Sulu were allowed in for many years and made citizens under the Project IC. Now they may turn against us. These illegal immigrants have become not only a problem to the Sabahans but also a threat to the very sovereignty of our nation.

But right now it’s not the time to play the blame game. BN and PR should be working hand in hand eliminating this national threat by now. I hope the PDRM and our armed forces will not let us down. God bless Sabah. God bless Malaysia.

And I’ve never thought of myself writing Malay after SPM but the Sabahan spirit got me in writing a Malay puisi yesterday night. Thanks to Google translate in completion of my so-called “masterpiece”!

Below is my pathetic attempt in being a Malay writer. I know.

Tiba-tiba Sabah menjadi perhatian semua
Aku sebagai Sabahan yang berada di luar negara
Bimbang akan keselamatan Sabah dan ibu bapa
Tapi hanya mampu membaca berita
Selain berdoa
Semoga tiada lagi nyawa
Yang tidak berdosa
Terkorban di sana
Perjuangan perwira
Dalam mempertahankan negara
Tidak akan dilupakan oleh kita
Berdoalah semua hidup berbahagia
Dan Sabah selamanya milik Malaysia.


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