Photos that unfold mother-son memories

I received these photos from my mom through WhatsApp on 6 April 2013.

Such a comforting view from the great Wisma HSC. Far away from this town, you’d surely miss the blazing hot sun and breeze kissing on your face. You’d even miss being slapped by the unique rubbish smell. And miss seeing the endless double cabs driven on the roads that can’t be seen nowhere else in the world. And…

This little town may not be attractive like those big cities out there but you just can’t deny that every place has something unique about it, needless to say when you are talking about your hometown.

Disregard the bikes, an uncommon thing about this photo is the white event tents. And that was what mom intended to tell me about. Those tents outside the Dewan Masyarakat Tawau, as mentioned by her, was a viewing site for military display by the army after victory against the Sulu terrorists.


Time froze as a childhood image struck my mind upon seeing these photos. I still remember vividly in mind that my mom took me to visit such an uncommon event once. That was more than 10 years ago and there was this little kid fantasised a lot about guns, so much that desired to choose policeman as his occupation in future. Maybe that was why my mom intended to take me for a visit. I could barely carry the gun I chose from the display, raising my right arm firmly. Since then, it very much evokes me that guns in real life weigh hell of a lot more than those I played during my childhood. And that was my first encounter with real guns, the last too, as to date.

Mom enlightened me this wonderful childhood experience that I had in the message despite knowing for sure it embeds in my memory. And I’ve never thought that such an event would happen again. How I wish I was there with mom, finding back our wonderful mother-son memories. History does repeat itself, even when you least expect it. I wonder.

The corners of my lips curved up at that instant. And I believe she did too.


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