Discover Europe: Vol. 1

Europe travel routes
(20 July 2013 – 26 July 2013)

Both of my sisters’ graduation were over. My family and I thus took chance travelling to Europe before flying home on 28 July.

First time travelling to Europe. And definitely not my last simply because there are too many places yet to discover. That explains why the fancy title.

7 days of quality time with family spent on guided coach tours, covering 5 countries and more than 10 cities. Rushing here and there but that’s all part and parcel.

The highlight of this trip is Italy. I couldn’t be more excited. Especially Venice. Yes, Venice. The only place I’m madly in love with so far since young. As I’ve always loved being by water, I guess the canals are part of what makes me so in love with Venice. And of course, it’s up for my latest Facebook profile picture.

Itinerary of Discover Europe: Vol. 1: –

19 July 2013: London → Paris
20 July 2013: Paris → Lucerne
21 July 2013: Lucerne → Milan → Verona→ Venice
22 July 2013: Venice → Rome
23 July 2013: Rome → Vatican City → Florence
24 July 2013: Florence → Pisa → Genoa
25 July 2013: Genoa → Monte Carlo → Nice → Cannes → Avignon
26 July 2013: Avignon → Paris
27 July 2013: Paris → London

It would be too much to talk about this Europe trip so yea, catch up with my social networking sites and let them do all the talking.


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