MH370 – Bringing the best out of Malaysians

Fellow Malaysians,

The aftermath of the MH370 tragedy has left Malaysians from all walks of life devastated and stunned. The fate of the 239 passengers who left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing remains unknown and the Search and Rescue team continues to scour the ocean in a bid to find a trace of the Boeing 777 that went missing on Saturday.

This is the biggest crisis that MAS has faced in the 42 years since its inception and this is also the first time that Malaysia has faced a national challenge of this magnitude since the 1998 Asian financial meltdown. The world’s focus is now on us, and with international scrutiny comes intense pressure.

It is thus important, now more than ever, that we rally behind the brave men and women conducting the Search and Rescue operation hope that they can bring closure for the families and friends of the passengers on board MH370.

Despite a few instances of negativity over the past few days, on a whole, this tragedy has brought out the best in all Malaysians. Since the last General Elections, we have been subjected to non-stop politicking that has threatened to divide this nation, but since Saturday we have seen Malaysians from all races, put aside their differences and unite together, offering messages of hope, love and peace all over the cyber sphere.

This show of support transcends not only race but also religion, despite claims of religious tensions, Malaysians have congregated together to give out multi-faith prayers, praying for the best possible outcome to this tragedy. If the unity and solidarity of the people in this country has ever been in doubt, the past few days have proven otherwise.

This crisis has shown that faced with tragedy, Malaysians will choose hope over despair and solidarity over divisiveness; it has shown us that we can put aside our differences and ignore those who seek to divide us. This crisis reminds us of a hope beyond any political agenda – it reminds us that in difficult times, the fate of all Malaysians is tied together and that the despair of others touches us all.

We hope for a speedy resolution to this tragedy, and we hope that the authorities will pledge to do all that it takes to bring MH370 home. It is important that we get our act together as we are now on the global stage, and that the fate of MH370 involves not only Malaysians, but also people from other nationalities.

To the anxious family members and friends of the passengers on board MH370, we extend our deepest sympathies, and we want you to know that the whole nation cares for you and that you are not alone.


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