20 facts about me!

1. Friends call me Heng, John, John Heng; family calls me Shiung.

2. A political junkie and centre leftist. I welcome friends to discuss sociopolitical issues with me but most of them are apolitical.

3. A dedicated James Bond fan. I know everything about Bond.

4. A typical Virgo.

5. A passionate reader of Malaysiakini, Foreign Policy and Human Rights Watch.

6. I love my multiracial and multicultural country. But the rise of authoritarianism and religious bigotry saddens me.

7. An automobile and water sports enthusiast.

8. I get very crazy when my homies and besties are around. I like being a clown in front of them to make them happy.

9. I write greeting cards and letters to the ones I love when I’m in England but sadly some of them had lost in delivery.

10. Materialistic people tend to disgust me. My disgust for materialism however ceases when it comes to buying watches.

11. Four important values in my life: sincerity, confidence, righteousness and fearlessness.

12. I like giving speeches and lecturing. But nowadays I don’t get a stage.

13. Venice is my heaven on earth. I’ll be back on honeymoon with my bae.

14. A foodie and your best dining partner – I can eat a lot.

15. I like to sing and have a beautiful voice. You should go karaoke with me.

16. Maggie Q is my celeb crush. She’s hawt.

17. I’ll be a reflection of how people treat me. But not when it comes to the one I madly have affection for.

18. I like to travel overseas to gain cross-country experiences.

19. I forgive but I don’t forget. No thanks to my good memory when I have to deal with such affairs.

20. Navy blue is my favourite colour. I fail to keep my own promise of not buying navy blue polo tees anymore.


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