England Vacation Tours (Dec 2012 – Jan 2013)

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16 December 2012 – York day trip

Upon arrival at York Railway Station
The Wheel of York
Staircase of Clifford’s Tower
Interior of Clifford’s Tower as viewed from top
Panoramic shot from the top of Clifford’s Tower
Queuing for Bettys Café Tea Rooms
British hi-tea served in Bettys
In Bettys Café Tea Rooms
w/ Jonathan, Natalie, Snowy, Eve, Christabel, Justin

18 December 2012- Birmingham

Dining w/ Lois & Sie Yong upon arriving in Birmingham — at 桃苑

19 December 2012- Birmingham

Having hot red wine at Frankfurt Christmas Market
Dinner at Pat Thai Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

21 December 2012 – Trafford

Meeting up with Sister Snowy at MU Stadium
Manchester United Stadium
Bus ride back to Manchester from Trafford

22 December 2012 – Bradford

Buffet lunch w/ Sie Yong, Lois, Yong Bing, Jackson, Kah Huo

23 December 2012 – Leeds

Leeds City Museum
Camwhoring after a windy walk around the campus — at University of Leeds

23 December 2012 – Bradford

Tipsy night!

24 December 2012 – Birmingham

w/ Lois heading back to Birmingham from Leeds
Christmas Eve dinner at Pad Thai Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

25 December 2012 – Birmingham

Christmas lunch at Bella Italia

26 December 2012 – Birmingham

Crazy queue at Bullring Shopping Centre during Boxing Day sales
Playing “Ring of Fire”!

28 December 2012 – Birmingham

Last lunch in Birmingham w/ Sie Yong — at China Court Restaurant
Bye, Sie Yong!

29 December 2012 – Sheffield

Unscheduled meet up with Sister Natalie

15 January 2012 – Leeds day trip

w/ Vicky, Manda, Sammi, Andy
Lunch at Tong Palace
Spicy Sichuan dishes! — at 金樽阁

19 January 2012 – York

w/ Jia Lih at York Minster
The Shambles, a famous old street in York with overhanging timber-framed buildings
Revisit Clifford’s Tower… in the snow!
Panoramic snow scene of York Castle
The enthralling and humorous evening walking tour of “The Ghost Hunt of York”

20 January 2012 – York

Full English breakfast at Melton’s Too
The River Ouse of North Yorkshire, viewed from the Lendal Bridge of York
w/ Yi Cheng, Jia Yueh, Jia Lih, Ye Ru
At National Railway Museum

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