ISM Photo Taking

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18 February 2012 (Saturday)
Photo taking at Institute of Science & Management

w/ Business Studies lecturer, Erica Pang
w/ Mary
w/ Michelle Chong
w/ Pak San
w/ Jagatheesh
w/ Carmen
w/ Jennifer
w/ Applely
w/ Terence
w/ Pei Wei
w/ Lois
w/ Sie Yong, Applely & Chow
w/ Lois, Sie Yong, Shieh Fung & Chow
w/ Applely, Charissa, Charleen, Lois & Sie Yong
w/ Terence, Chow, Applely, Lois, Charleen, Sie Yong & Shieh Fung
w/ Chow, Pei Wei & Lois


Behind the scenes…

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